Commercial Real Estate Services


As the owner’s agent, Fidelity creates and executes a strategic leasing plan which maximizes property value within the ownership’s investment objectives and fiscal constraints. Each leasing assignment is managed using a team approach, relying on seasoned internal resources such as marketing, property and asset management as well as project and construction management. We utilize aggressive marketing, quick response, and use our decades of experience to reach the owner’s goals. In addition, Fidelity works hand-in-hand and maintains close relationships with tenant brokers. The end result is the timely execution of a leasing plan that meets or exceeds investment criteria and complements the ongoing operation and long term value of the building. Working with a wide variety of tenants – from newly formed businesses to national corporations –we lease an extensive, diverse and impressive portfolio of properties in Middle Tennessee.

Property Management

The longevity and experience of Fidelity’s staff, coupled with an impressive knowledge of the real estate market, offers tenants a powerful combination of competence, professionalism, and integrity. We strive to deliver the kind of responsive, efficient service that builds long-term relationships. Our property managers have a wealth of invaluable experience in managing retail, industrial, and office commercial real estate. With the support of an in-house team of Fidelity maintenance personnel, this group of professionals offers hands-on care and service for every aspect of a tenant’s needs and concerns. Whether serving clients ranging from local businesses to large corporations, our property managers’ pride of ownership ensures a high standard of quality for the business environments of our tenants. We are dedicated to tenant satisfaction, our property managers provide personal caring service to ensure a high standard of quality for the environments of our tenants. We recognize that each tenant has a unique set of requirements and that our job is to fulfill those requirements to the best of our ability. We do our best to ensure that our tenants achieve their goals and objectives. We realize that maintaining good tenant relations is the key to long term asset stability.

Tenant Representation

When you select Fidelity to represent you, you will be represented by the multi-disciplined team of Chris G. Smith and Andrew Robinson, Jr., seasoned professionals with over 50 years combined experience. Fidelity provides tenant representation services that serve the best interests of clients by leveraging an understanding of the needs and requirements of building owners and lenders. The firm’s experience as an operator and property owner has proven to be a distinct benefit to clients. Our approach to tenant representation is that we acquire a clear understanding of the client’s needs then develop and implement a personalized plan to suit the requirement armed with the most up to date market information. We learn your specific needs and goals and put forth superior effort to find the best property solution for your business. We strive, in every way as your representative and advocate, to become a part of your team, understanding your culture and partnering with you to find the perfect property solution for the continued success and growth of your business. Our team stays current on market conditions and occurrences, which may represent locational and financial opportunities. Fidelity’s reputation stands upon our experience, market knowledge, enthusiasm, flexibility, and resolute commitment to provide our clients with the highest level of specialized professional personal service in connection with their commercial real estate needs.

Asset Management

As a full-service manager, Fidelity Real Estate Group offers comprehensive asset management for all operating property-related activities. Specific areas of expertise include financial management, accounting/reporting, cash flow forecasting/planning, lease administration, tenant relations, leasing support, property transitioning, and asset strategic positioning. Managers have an average of over 17 years of experience in commercial real estate management, including office, retail industrial/flex, and mixed-use products. Fidelity’s experience as an owner and operator of commercial office properties offers clients a unique perspective based on the understanding that the primary asset management objective for every property is to maximize value as efficiently and economically as possible. This objective is realized primarily by:

  • delivering sound financial forecasting and physical management expertise
  • providing strong leasing and marketing support
  • achieving high tenant satisfaction
  • properly positioning for asset disposition

By executing an operating plan properly developed in accordance with ownership’s operating goals, Fidelity satisfies specific investment objectives and maximize asset value. The firm understands how the full range of management decisions can both affect cash flow and ultimately impact asset value.

Investment Sales

Fidelity Real Estate Group provides real estate investment advisory and transaction services to individual and institutional clients. Our team specializes in office, industrial and retail opportunities. With state-of-the-art resources and strengths that reflect our accumulated decades of expertise and success, Fidelity will fully analyze each investment and customize a solution for the client. Our brand of insight and proven wisdom allows Fidelity to execute investment objectives in any market environment.