Asset Management

As a full-service manager, Fidelity Real Estate Group offers comprehensive asset management for all operating property-related activities. Specific areas of expertise include financial management, accounting/reporting, cash flow forecasting/planning, lease administration, tenant relations, leasing support, property transitioning, and asset strategic positioning. Managers have an average of over 17 years of experience in commercial real estate management, including office, retail industrial/flex, and mixed-use products. Fidelity’s experience as an owner and operator of commercial office properties offers clients a unique perspective based on the understanding that the primary asset management objective for every property is to maximize value as efficiently and economically as possible. This objective is realized primarily by:

  • delivering sound financial forecasting and physical management expertise
  • providing strong leasing and marketing support
  • achieving high tenant satisfaction
  • properly positioning for asset disposition

By executing an operating plan properly developed in accordance with ownership’s operating goals, Fidelity satisfies specific investment objectives and maximize asset value. The firm understands how the full range of management decisions can both affect cash flow and ultimately impact asset value.